From Entertainment, to Wellness, to Cannabis- Hear how this Business Strategist is now changing the game of Digitization!

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Imagine scrolling through Instagram, browsing through hashtags and coming across the profile of a stylish, young business woman- admiring her grind, but really not having a full understanding of what she does. That’s how most people feel when they come across Nicole Tiovanni Hardy’s profile (@NicoleTiovanni on Instagram). While her diverse background may lead people to draw their own conclusions, Nicole has actually been diving into a space that is preparing to revolutionize the entire world as we know it. With over 10 years of Business Development, Corporate Strategy and Sales experience, Nicole decided to launch her own firm. Nicole is the President of NYC based consulting firm- 1925 Consulting. 1925 specializes in Quantitative Business Strategy in the areas of Technology, Cannabis and Wellness. In 2019, 1925 assisted in the launch of several brands including O8SIS CBD Water, Fortress Alkaline Water, Rebirth Multimedia Group and Russ Beard Grooming- a skin and hair care company focusing on Mental Health Awareness. In the Cannabis realm, 1925 also teamed up with RAW Rolling Paper and Taylor Gang to host an exclusive, celebrity studded “Light Vibes” event in LA on 4/20/19. But while the world was watching the birth of these products and movements, Nicole was quietly working on a much bigger topic that would add value to all of her ventures- Digitization.

About 6 months ago, Nicole and her team began working alongside Digital Air Technology & Analytics to roll out a platform that would change the world of technology forever- thus changing the way 1925 is able to assist their clients. Digital AIR (DATA) is a boutique technology company motivated to provide automation technology software and bespoke application solutions across all industries. Helping facilitate their newest release of “Maxwell Precise”, Nicole is excited to act as their Head of Client Relations and Acquisition Strategy and show her clients and small to medium sized businesses worldwide how to operate efficiently and precisely through the benefits of Artificial Intelligence. Maxwell provides a wide range of Cloud platform services that eliminate the need to do the component integration work yourself or coordinate technical issues and support across multiple vendors. These include data management, application management, application development, content, big data processing, user experience, mobility, security, integration, analytics, and so on. Maxwell Precise will provide an affordable solution to small businesses that lack on site IT, Human Resources and Accounting support. In preparation for a public launch in November 2019, DATA has partnered with Cornell Weill Medical Center, Clark Atlanta University, Morgan State University and PBM (one of New York’s top Property Management Companies). “ I am

excited and honored to be able to usher businesses worldwide into the age of digitization. This gives the opportunities for small mom and pop businesses to increase their revenue by approximately 25%+ per year based on efficiency alone and for large companies to save millions on operations. This is the beginning of a shift and I’m happy to be on the frontlines. This partnership positions 1925 to be the next Ernst & Young or PwC and completely changes the narrative behind professional services and business consulting-particularly in the minority community.”-Nicole Hardy

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