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Meet Yemi aka DJ Yemi, currently resides on the East Coast in Morgantown, WV right outside of Pittsburgh! DJ Yemi is a DJ with no limits. Although he has a background in Pop, Hip-Hop and Go-Go, DJ Yemi his style is limitless. He can control anything with a beat. From country to rock-n-roll, he can mix it for any occasion big or small.

Yemi was raised in Maryland growing up in the church with hymnals and his mother’s singing around the house, giving him exposure to a wide range of music early on.

Without anyone to teach him, Yemi followed his passion towards music and taught himself through the years how to mix. “I learn something new every time I DJ.” Coming from the bottom up, starting with playlists for parties, Yemi has built his own music empire.

Professionally, Yemi has held residencies in nightclubs all over West Virginia while making numerous guest appearances across the united States. He has shared the stage with artists such as Outkast, Travis Scott, MGK, Big Sean, Lil Dickey, Snoop Dogg and many more. He has been featured on WVAQ with a Friday night radio mix for over a year, and has even won the Morgantown Magazine award as the #1 DJ and won the West Virginia Master of Mix Championship.

For more information on him, check out our Q/A below:

Walk me through your childhood, what was it like growing up in Maryland?

Maryland was fun growing up! so many different things you could get into or get in trouble doing! But as a youth sports was an outlet to stay out of trouble and away from the craziness! Maryland was a area you had to find your grind and outwork everyone! From a young age you realize quick competition is everywhere and you have to be best!

You grew up in the church, how did that influence your music career?

As a youth music in the church was a big part in everyone’s lives. So being exposed to music choir, church hymns you see the impact of music at a young age!

Before initially getting into music, is there any other passion in particular you wanted to follow? Sports?

Growing up in the area everyone played every sport so that was the path for me before music. Play sports make it big and help my family! That was the plan!

What made you want to move to the East Coast?

Based on the east coast but I traveled all over!

In your past experiences, what genre gets the crowd hype the most?

No specific genre gets the crowd hype the most. Different crowds get hyped with different genres. The music changes with each venue And each concert.

Are there any sub-genres that you noticed are starting to bubble heavily? I know drill is making a return thanks to Pop Smoke and Fivio Foreign, but tell me what you’ve seen.

Afro beats seams to be what’s gaining the most traction in the US. Of course it has been heavy over seas but with bigger artists jumping on tracks with Afro beat artist like wiz kid and Burna boy it’s gaining more “pop” and radio notoriety. Another genre is the UK rap style. It’s gaining more experience in the Us and all over.

How did you get into DJ’ing?

Got into DJing in college. Most random college parties are driven by music and alcohol. I went towards the music. Started out playing music from iTunes of my computer not knowing anything about the craft. Now it’s my career.

Is there anyone in particular that served as your influence during your early years of it?

Afrojack was a big influence! Looking at his growth and the venues he played made me realize you can turn DJing into a career.

What about now, is there any DJ that you would co-sign at the moment?

Shout out to all DJs that ever gave me any wise words about the industry.

Many people have a different perspective on this, but what does it mean to “break a record?”

The meaning “break a record” is probably different nowadays because the easy way for everyone to get music. For me, it’s playing it in the club and constantly sharing through social media.

Do you believe that it’s something that can be done by a single person or only a collective of people?

Breaking a record is Definitely a collective effort. Unless it’s a 100% hit! Still those hits need to be pushed through all platforms.

Talk to me about some of shows, what sets you apart from other DJ’s?

I thinks it’s a lot of different things I do through a set. You would probably have to ask anyone who has watched a set, But what people have told me is I connect with the crowd! For me connecting with a crowd no matter the size is important! without this connection you can loose a crowd/ party. Keep them engaged and entertained and it will always be a great show!

If you can recall, what is the biggest show you’ve done in the past few years?

I have done shows with 20K people and 100 people and both to me are exactly the same! Not one is bigger than the other. I will always try and make everyone feel like it’s A party! No matter the size!

How about craziest experience so far?

We will leave that for the movie! In theaters soon! Stay tuned!

With the digital era shaping music by the day, how has that affected DJ’ing?

It’s good and bad. I believe it’s good because we can all consume music at a fast rate! Which is also bad for djs because everyone wants music instantly! People here a snippet on someone’s Instagram story and expect the dj to have the song ready and cued up. Which is hard for a dj to stay that up to date! But as djs we all try to stay tuned up to the minute on what’s hot!

What is your favorite area to work in and why?

I like college markets or vacation destinations! those seem to be more fun because you get all types of different people and they all are in that area to have fun and have an experience they will never forget!

Is there any advice that you can give to up and coming DJ’s?

Be consistent! The one thing I know any venue owner or concert curator hates is inconsistent people! No mater the job title be on time and do your job!

As far as music goes, are there any rappers or songs that you foresee are about to blow?

He’s already out and successful but Roddy Ricch will be one of the biggest in the game in the next decade! His range is crazy! Also jack Harlow, B-Pace, Ghandiii, 24Kgoldn, Arizona zervas, and feddthegod will make noise in 2020. For producers, Neek and pat hall.

What can we expect from DJ Yemi this year?

My debut album and more concerts in the works! The 3rd annual YemiPalooza music festival is also coming in 2020!

A message to your fans?

Let’s keep going up in 2020. We are just getting started! We have no limits!

A message to your friends and family?

Thanks for the love and support through it all.

A message to your past self?

keep working keep grinding it will come!

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